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Facilities at Sophia Polytechnic

Sophia Polytechnic offers facilities and technology to ensure that students achieve their goals. Whatever be the students' field of interest, they will always find tools needed to realise their vision.

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Situated on the ground floor of the Polytechnic building, the air-conditioned library is indeed an oasis of knowledge where the quest of the curious mind ends.  Hand-picked books line the cupboards to supplement lectures of all professional courses offered in our Institute. The Library is replete with special interest magazines, self-help books, industry periodicals and general interest newspapers.  The library stands apart with its open access system and with its unique collection of books on Ethics and Spirituality.  This collection is integral to the motto of the Institute.
'Education for Transformation'.

The Library also houses master files of examination papers that serve as ready reckoners for the students. Further, to assist students in locating reference books and information, an 'Online Public Access Catalogue' is provided.  The Library is also equipped with a scanning machine to allow students to retrieve specific pages from books for future reference.  To ensure optimal use of the library, a Library Orientation Programme is especially conducted for all students at the beginning of every academic year.

We are proud to introduce Library Online Public Access Catalogue which is available 24*7.

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The Computer Centre

The Institute has a computer lab which provides students with technologically advanced equipment for learning and producing comprehensive and finished work for their portfolios. It is well equipped with the latest machines, cable internet service, reference library and above all, has a very helpful faculty.

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Audio-Visual & Conference Room

These are an added advantage for seminars, orientations, functions, conferences etc.   In addition, the Sophia Bhabha Auditorium on campus is readily available when required for larger audiences. There is a photocopying machine in the Institute and a stationery shop on the campus for students' convenience.

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Situated on the fourth floor of the polytechnic, the hostel can accommodate 44 students. Vegetarian and non-vegeterian food is provided. It has a common room where students can relax and entertain themselves. The hostel commands a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea.  Admission is based on a personal interview. The hostel provides a choice of rooms on a sharing basis of 2 or 3 roommates.  Students are allowed to bring in their laptops and internet facility is available.

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The Canteen is located on the 2nd floor. It provides a variety of snacks, mini-meals and beverages at reasonable rates. Students meet during their breaks here to relax, share their experiences and enjoy the wholesome food available to them.

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The Institute provides the photography students with professionally equipped two black and white darkrooms, an air-conditioned digital studio with computer facility. For setting up photo shoots the studio is equipped with a wide range of professional lenses, flash lights, tungsten lights, channel system, huge backgrounds and all bromide papers, films, chemicals required for darkroom work.

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